Friday, September 5, 2008

Utah Vistas

While coming in to land I just couldn't help snapping a few (read tons) of pictures.

Here is Provo and the Wasatch Mountains.

See that fuzzy thing that I circled in RED?

It is the "Y" that is on the mountain behind BYU.
I've circled it here (again, in RED) for your convenience.

Saratoga Springs.

Point of the mountain.

The Salt Lake Valley.

The Great Salt Lake.

The grody ponds spreading out from the Great Salt Lake.

Well, we are here and are visiting with family.
We have already had one fix of Leatherby's (a local ice cream shop whose hot fudge is divine), we'll see how many more I fit in this trip.
We have also briefly seen Shauna and Andrew, Curt's Mom and Brother, who happen to be in town from Florida bringing Andrew to LDS Business College.


Sharee said...

I'M JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

John and Katie said...

and don't forget to mention confusing the heck out of Katie when she tried to call Kendra!

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