Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Utah: part I

I found as I was planning our schedule for the year that there were two things that I wanted to be in Utah for.  The dates they fell on ended up being about a month apart, so instead of making two trips {16 hours solo in a plane managing the two kids, not cool}, I chose to stay for the whole month.
Fun to see family; not fun to be away from Curt.

 Once baby Evie and Londynn figured out aunt Kinsey had an ice cream shake she was swarmed and had to share.
The first event I came for was my cousin's wedding.
I have many, many cousins as both parents have 6 {living} siblings, so I can't really make it to all weddings {pity}, but Jared is only four months older than me and grew up living 15 minutes away, so I was really glad that it worked out to come.
Plus I got to see many more family members, loved it.
Daddy and his sister Sheila

 Lane and Kins
 Jared and his new wife, Mary
 Aunt Barbie and Uncle Floyd
...and a bunch more...
 Curt was able to fly out for Friday and Saturday since he had Good Friday off of work.
He had to be back in our ward in Georgia for Easter Sunday though, since he was playing the organ and piano for the whole Easter program.

And thus ended the first weekend of the trip.

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