Wednesday, January 11, 2017

third trimester

There are many things about social interactions that I'm not super good at and don't enjoy.
The third trimester of pregnancy normally brings me to an elevated introvert level.
This time around though I've felt gigantic from the start, and even though I'm at 34 weeks I feel like I'm 40 weeks, so I'm at a whole new level of not wanting to be around people. 
Honestly I wouldn't leave the house ever and I'd be happy with it.

But, there are things that need to be done.
Man, am I ever crabby when I have to do people stuff (in my head, mostly... I hope).
It usually seems like no one can talk to you about anything else except your obvious 'great with child' state. And I can usually find something eye roll inducing in the conversation. 

I've had a couple really nice interactions lately though.
Bless those people that can act normal and make me feel not like an elephant or a baby-erupting time bomb.

Disclaimer: this is kind of whiny and I totally realize it. I'm not really wanting any 'oh, you look great' comments. I think I just need to record how uncomfortable I feel somewhere for reference so when I feel it again I can tell myself it's totally normal, the brain just forgets it, and that this too shall pass.

me at about 33 weeks

6 weeks to go (hopefully less, mom gets here on February 11th and I'd be super happy to have this baby anytime after).


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