Thursday, December 17, 2009

Introducing: Hostetler Master Control

Let's take a tour around our newly upgraded workspace, shall we?

1. We got a new computer. Curt would tell you all of the specs, but I'll just tell you that it kicks butt. I *love* it. The computer we replaced was over 7 years old, ancient in computer years. This new computer is so speedy gonzales in comparison.

2. Dual Monitors. My favorite thing about this new computer (besides the fastness). Our old (singular) screen was 15 inches. Each new screen is 21.5 inches. My budget spreadsheet now has so much space to spread out that I can see over a whole year all at once. Sweetness.

3. We were able to get Adobe Creative Suite 4. It rocks.
Adobe InDesign CS4
Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended
Adobe Illustrator CS4
Adobe Flash CS4 Professional
Adobe Dreamweaver CS4
Adobe Fireworks CS4
Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro
with Adobe Bridge CS4, Adobe Version Cue CS4, and Adobe Device Central CS4.

Do I know how to use all of these programs? Absolutely not.
But I am sure having a blast learning. So many capabilities!

4. The computer has a TV tuner. So I suppose we now technically have a TV. We still only watch Survivor. But hey, now we have options, even if we don't exercise them.

5. Negative Scanner. I love love love pictures. The idea of old pictures/negatives out there degrading pains me. So when my dad approached me to digitize some old stuff I jumped at the chance. I mean, just look at this! Aunt Marsha and Uncle Vance when they were younger than I am now (I think, circa 1983 anyways). Aren't they cute? This is from a negative about the size of my fingernail. Pretty good.

6. Curt introduced our networked storage device here. My version of why it's cool? All of those pictures I love so much take up a lot of space. This enables my obsession. The best part is that we have a terabyte of storage right now and we only have one out of two hard drive spots filled, so for $80 we can add another terabyte, or however much is economically feasible at the time (which may be way more space seeing as how space just keeps getting better and cheaper).

7. Messy Cords. One of the drawbacks to having so much electronic equipment is the fact that you have to plug all this stuff in. I plan on getting this thingie from IKEA that mounts to the underside of the desktop to organize/hide the rat's nest.
Well, that concludes the tour today.

Electronics that possibly make the "to buy in 2010" list:
1. New mini laptop for Curt. The one he's limping along with cannot for any reason be unplugged for a milisecond or it dies.
2. A laser printer. I highly dislike ink jet and ours currently is disagreeable when asked to work. When asked to do anything looking vaguely professional it flatly refuses.
3. Someday I would like a nice digital SLR camera, but there really is no need so I don't think this will happen.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dressers Redo: Part IV

Earlier steps on this project: Part I, Part II, Part III

Are you ready for a couple before and afters?
(snicker, say "it's about time Carmen")

Here's the before of the dresser I found at the side of the road...

...and here is the after:

I was planning on distressing the finish on that one, but when I got done I just love the antique white. I'll live with it a while and then see if I want to scuff it up a bit or not.

And here is the before of the antique dresser bought for $10 at a yard sale...

...and the after:

I just have to show you some details on this one because I think that it turned out so beautifully.

After I painted two coats of Behr high gloss color matched to Glidden Antique White I took a piece of sandpaper to the details I wanted to highlight.

Serendipity: I found these lovely octagonal drawer pulls at target for $1 something a pull at Target, I thought they went well with the octagonal dresser feet I installed.

Since I'm probably going to make a habit of installing hardware on things, I invested in these templates. Very handy.

So pretty.

So...I was able to show you two before and afters, but you may remember I had a total of four dressers I was working on.

Well, here's where the other two are at:

They are painted antique white and the edges have the lightest of distressing.

I am now searching for the drawer pulls that I want to complete the look I have for them in my head. Something like this, or this, or this.
We'll see.

So Adorable

I get to see this little one soon...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

We're ready to go...

I am so very, very excited.
For, you see, I get to go home and spend 2 weeks with family this Christmas.

We leave on Friday.
I have been counting down for months.

Get new tires - Done
Get travel snacks - Done
Get full size spare tire - Done
Check weather for the drive - Done (looks pretty good)
Check out hotels along travel route - Done
Christmas shopping - Done
Wrap Presents - Done

Left to do:
get through the next week of work. *sigh*

P.S.: blogging will be light when we are gone, but whoa baby, we will be on picture overload when we get back

Friday, December 4, 2009

tumblr site

Frequently in my wanderings I find beautiful pictures of rooms, clothes, or fun projects.
In the past I've just emailed myself these things to put in a reference file I keep on my computer.
I now have a better idea.
I created a tumblr account called exquisite-sublime.
It's an easy way for me to keep track of things I love and where I found them.
It's an organizational tool for me, but feel free to look at Carmen labeled eye candy, I've put a link to it in my side bar.

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