Wednesday, September 26, 2007

guest bedroom preview...

Well, the guest bedroom is not in a finished state so I won't post a picture of that. But here is the bedspread that I have finished sewing, and one of the decorative pillows. This gives you a preview of the colors the room is done in. I'll post a picture of the finished bedroom this weekend.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

While we were gone...

While we were gone on vacation there were a couple things that happened...

1) Our grass was close to needing mowed before we left...well you can see what it did with an additional week. This garbage can was empty before Curt started putting in clippings.

2) Apparently it was stormy while we were gone, someone said up to 80 mile an hour winds. This is our neighbor's massive tree that had about 1/3 of it fall down.

These pictures have nothing to do with us being gone, Shaners had just gotten a hold of my camera and these pictures were just way too cute not to post. He turned an old 7 last month...he's growing way too fast.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Florida Trip...

We just got back in from a week long trip to Florida last night. I'll try to do a synopsis of what all we did (It was a packed week so I may not succeed in summarizing everything). Warning: This is the longest post I've ever written/am likely to write ever. For those of you who read Shauna's blog please forgive any repeated pictures.

We flew to Florida from Utah on a red-eye Wednesday night. Flying all night does not equal good sleep so here we are zonkered out on the couch the next day.

On Friday we all (minus the girls, they were in school) went jet skiing. Very very fun. It was the perfect day as we practically had the place to ourselves.

Shauna, Katherine, and Megan boating on Saturday.

Curt, Me, and Megan on the boat.

Curt and I on the boat.

We had some great game time on the trip. With the big group we played Trivial Pursuit. I'm afraid I may be the worst on the planet at this game (sorry teams that got stuck with me), I think I grew up very insulated from what was/has been popular knowledge. When the group was cut in half we played hand and foot, a card game that I love and am a lot better at! (although Shauna and I did get beat 2 to 1 by the guys)

Curt, the Klemas', and Jeffrey on Friday night

The whole group on Sunday. Megan got baptized on Friday night and confirmed on Sunday.
Jeff, Alison, Ron, Shauna, Grandma Hogie, Grandpa Hogie, Me, Curt and then Katherine and Megan up front.

We got to meet Alison for the first time. We like her a lot and wonder how Jeff convinced her to put up with him for the rest of forever.

Curt and I.

We went canoing in the everglades on Monday (sorry, no pics, I'm a slacker). It was very hot by the end so we had to take a dip in the pool to cool off when we got home.

On Tuesday Curt and I had planned on going to Cape Canaveral, but we were pooped and needed to rest before our trip back home. We went to Dubois Beach and vegged for a while. It was so beautiful.

Curt felt something crawling on his foot and it turned out to be this little white crab.

Funny story. So anyone who knows me knows I will never have a dog. They're fine for other people, but I don't really like them. So when Shauna and Ron were dog-sitting for the last night we were there I was the only one not petting/picking up/loving on/and anything else nice to this dog named Bubba. Well, to my surprise, apparently Bubba took a liking to me because I had a shadow who followed me anywhere throughout the house, sat at my feet all while I was reading, and got upset when I left. That's irony for you. At any rate he kind of grew on me and I have to say he's the cutest and most polite dog I've seen. (No Curt, we're not getting a dog)

Overall this was a great trip. Thanks so much Shauna and Ron for taking care of us and making sure we had a blast while we visited you!

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