Friday, September 12, 2008

And this could have been my project! Groan...

Can I tell you how much I miss being part of construction?
A lot.

The following pictures are from an apartment project that Castlewood had in the works before I left. I would have been the project manager on this one...sniffle, sniffle...


But alas, we seem to be the only residential construction project going in the state of Michigan, so off to the Power Plant I go (and be darn glad to have a job at that).

I'm happy for Castlewood though; I drove around all of the other town home and single family home projects they had had in the pipeline, and it seems like they have stopped those projects where they could and focused mainly on this complex. Very smart in this type of market.
Also, the pieces of land that they own are in prime spots in the Salt Lake Valley, so they will do well when the market picks up.

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