Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oooh pretty...mud and brick

Well, we now have exterior brick (insert here: I absolutely love the color of our brick), and the first layer of interior drywall mud. Fun.

Lookie, lookie, we have a garage door!
Kinda trippy how the porch roof cantilevers out like that.

piano room.
By the way, if you ever wondered...no, we do not currently own a piano.
But this room is going to sit empty till we do.
A beautiful piano that Curt can play all the time....

Living room.

Looking into the kitchen.


Upstairs hallway.

Guest bedroom #1.

Guest bedroom #2.

The loft/computer/library area.

Look at how awesomely lazy I will be able to be people!
By my guestimate I have just under 4' to walk from my bedroom to the laundry room. Wahoo, no more dragging baskets of clothes all through the house!

Master bedroom with the fantastically cool window seat.

Another view of the master bedroom.

Look at how nice and clean they were...no gobs of mud crap stuck all over the fiberglass shower insert. What a novel concept.

View of the stairwell.
To the left you see the master bedroom, to the right guest bedroom #2.

This is the pantry/coat closet column dividing the kitchen/eating area/living room from the entry/piano room.

Pretty, beautiful brick.

Our super neat backyard.
See, it really will have good drainage away from the house once the settled backfill area is fixed.

Again, broken record moment, I love our lot.
Established trees/growth is such a plus for me.

And we'll end with a view of the gorgeous field that is across the street from our subdivision.
They are in the middle of clearing it, getting ready for fall and winter.
We have a lovely drive from Ann Arbor to our house. I highly recommend it for a relaxing Sunday drive.


Cathi said...

Oh my, you all must be sooo excited!! When is the move in date?

Carmen said...

The closing date is Nov. 19th, which is coming up fast.

Kimberly said...

Hey, I went to High School with Curt and I found your blog from Shauna's. I love the house building play by play but it would be interesting to see a blue print type sketch of the floor plan. I'm having a hard time piecing it together in my head.

Carmen said...

Duly noted and I just did a post just for you Kimberly. :)

Carmen said...

And I was so excited I just had to say "just" twice in my previous sentence.

Sharee said...

I love your master bedroom! I also think your lot is BEAUTIFUL! So hard to get mature trees in your yard. I also am in love with the placement of your laundry room - after spending today lugging baskets up and downstairs full of clothes when I can barely walk up and down them myself because I am so dang sore - I would pay some serious money for that. I wish you could have been watching as they did my house because there would have been MUCH less mistakes made. Oh ya, and we currently have an empty piano room as well, just waiting and waiting until we can get one... who knows how long???

Carmen said...

Props to you for doing a spinning class. I'm way, way too unmotivated. At our gym I do ride the bike...for hours a week in fact, but at my own pace. I watch the lady teaching the spin class and I see the people pumping like their life depends on it...and I think there is no way...

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

How fabulous to have your laundry room right outside your bedroom door. I think that would be the ideal situation!

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