Sunday, July 11, 2010

Vegas Trip: The Wedding

 So we arrived in Las Vegas on Thursday night and promptly whisked Melynda's baby away so that she and Zan could go visit with some friends.

Melynda and I both had rooms at the Wynn (awesome views from my room below), Dad and Jann stayed at Treasure Island, and Mom, the boys, and grandpa and grandma stayed at Circus Circus.


Our bathroom was huge and I loved it.

We kept Ellie's crib in the closet for naps and sleeping because she's a curious little bugger and won't go to sleep if she can hear or see anyone.

I loved spending time with the baby, she changes so much in between the times that I get to see her.

Friday was just getting ready for the wedding Friday night.  
Helping keep Nina calm, shopping for last minute items, hair and make up, etc.

Before the wedding ceremony everyone went to PF Chang's.
Lots of good food.
Yep, the saliva is going just thinking about it.

Walrus Shaners.

Zan's family.

Mom, Ellie, Lane

Next Dad had to run Melynda and Zan back to the hotel so that they could get picked up by their limo.
Yes, they arrived at the Graceland Chapel in style.

We stood around a bit and took a bunch of pictures while waiting for our turn with Elvis.

Some buddies that Zan works with.

Love it, four cops, a bride, and a bright yellow bail bonds place.

Some details...

...oooh sparkly.

We then all filed inside for a very entertaining ceremony.
Sorry, I wasn't allowed to take pictures inside.
But Nin did buy the DVD.

I was the maid of honor/witness (I think?) and Zan's brother, Pete, was the best man/witness.

The new Mrs. Zan coming out the door, greeting her fans.
Another picture fest ensued.

Grandpa and Grandma Topham, Dad and Jann

Lane, in all his rebellious badness, defied the rules and took a picture of the couple walking down the aisle.

Brielle being cute.

All of us watching Ellie being cute.

David and Kelsi.

Dad took this picture and then started cracking up.
He said he didn't notice the neon "ANTIQUES" sign until after.

All in all, very fun, and now my little sis is hitched.

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