Tuesday, February 20, 2018

a trip to the beach

I'm a rut type of person.
As in, if I try something I like at a restaurant it's likely that's what I'm going to get there for forever.
I have a vacation rut and I'm so in love with it.
It's Destin, Florida.

Not Destin proper...that's touristy and crowded and not my thing.
The very easternmost portion of Destin or Miramar Beach.
During the off season (we go early Spring or late Fall) so there's not a bunch of people.
We've gone at least once a year for the last five years.
It's not a bad drive from our house, even with four kids.
Last year we were there for Des' birthday with a week old newborn.
This year we were there for his birthday again.


 {it was super not crowded...especially in the mornings...yet the weather was ideal}

{I went on a walk for a bit with McKay, found these neat dragon sand sculptures}



Curt's mom had been watching our niece and nephew while their mom went to her sister's to help out with newborn twins.
They happen to live in Pensacola, a little over an hour away.
So she brought the kids over for a little bit of a party with cake, cousin time, and a walk up the beach. 

 {all the Hostetler grandchildren}

{playing a music app, garage band}

 {love staying at places with kitchens as my kids don't eat most restaurant food}

On our last morning, there was some really cool fog that rolled in at sunrise that you can see in the picture below...less than 60 seconds later we were enveloped.


And then it cleared up and we went for one last little walk.

{the reason it's called the Emerald Coast}

On our way out of town we stopped at The Donut Hole for second breakfast, so good.

 We'll be back again.

Saturday, December 30, 2017


This year we woke up at home on Christmas morning, opened gifts, ate some cinnamon rolls, packed up, and headed down to Florida.

 {Waffle House for lunch, Des' mouth is in major tooth transition}

We stopped by Curt's grandparent's place in Orlando and then headed to our destination, his parent's in West Palm Beach.

We played a bunch of games, went shopping, and saw that the president was in town.

 {we were having family pictures the next morning so I laid everything out to prepare/make sure we had everything}

Grandma had the kids make fun gingerbread houses.

We briefly went to see the dogs at the races.


And Shauna held her annual get together to see a bunch of people.

 I stayed up late to go to a movie (Jumanji) with the sisters-in-law (hilarious, by the way).

And then we packed back up to head home.

 {cousins who are going to miss each other}

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