Friday, July 7, 2017

Florida: Andrew's birthday

While I was away in Utah, Curt had a fun weekend with Des and McKay.
They went to some dirt races. 'Merica.
They played at the neighborhood pool.
Des gave a talk in primary at church.
And then they flew to Florida for a birthday party for Curt's brother.

Curt's grandpa initiated a trip to see the dogs at the dog races.
This was nostalgic for Curt as this was something he did as a kid too.

Then they partied hard at a minion themed 31st birthday party, ha.

They went to Curt's parent's ward 4th of July breakfast then caught a flight home.
We all met up at our airport to go home and spend the rest of the holiday together.

Utah: Nora's blessing

I headed back to Utah with Evie and Edison to be there for Nora's blessing on Sunday.

After the blessing, Lane and Kinsey hosted a brunch at their new home.


Afterwards, all of our family headed to mom's to have cake and homemade ice cream for Londynn's birthday, which was the next day.

It was a wonderful, family filled weekend.
We flew home on the morning of the 4th of July and met up with Curt and the boys at the airport to drive home.

Utah: Grandma's 90th

My Grandma turned 90 June 11th.
All of her children and as many of the grandkids who could gathered for a birthday party a week later.
We headed to Utah on a Thursday evening.

 {the mountains were just so so pretty as we were headed in to land}

Friday we brought the kids to Provo to check out BYU.
We went to the Bean Museum, went in master control at KBYU (Curt worked in the old master control while in college), got ice cream at the creamery, and visited a bunch of the buildings on campus.

 {beautiful rainbow thread installation at the museum of art}

{rocks in a showcase in the science building}

 {the new engineering building going up, I'm really excited for this thing}

We had left a couple days before Nora was born on our last visit, so we were able to meet her for the first time that night.

Saturday we caravanned down to the Delta area with Lane and Kinsey.
We went to the farm first and met up with Dad and Jann there, and then headed to the church where the party was being held.

{checking out my dad's tractor}

{here's a picture of me on the same tractor when I was a baby}


 Roger, Dad
Barbie, Bev, Grandma, Marsha, Sheila, Cindy

{Curt wore the baby the whole time so I could focus on visiting, love that guy}

{the kids had a blast running around with their cousins}

Sunday we got together again for a Father's Day dinner.

And then we took the red eye flight home.
Took a couple days to recover from that one.
Hopefully I'll remember next time that I really don't like those :)

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