Friday, October 5, 2018

Utah weekend

I was able to head to Utah solo this weekend (because my husband is awesome) to spend time with family and go to my cousin's wedding reception.

I stayed with Dad and Jann Friday night, Dad and I worked on a home they're rehabbing for Jann's sister in Santaquin Saturday morning, we picked up Melynda and headed a couple hours south to the old farm in the afternoon, and then went to Breanna's reception.

I stayed at Mom's Saturday night (she was at Lane and Kinsey's with their kids as they were having a fun trip).
Sunday was Mom's birthday and Melynda and I went to church with her.
We had a quick dinner afterwards and then it was off to the airport.

These short trips are treasures.

{snuggles with Nora girl}

 {Mama and Nixon}

 {I installed these baseboards in the time we were working, Daddy did some plumbing and electrical}

{the farm, nostalgic to explore as it was a big part of my childhood}

 {Daddy and some of his trees}

 {my cousin, Breanna's reception} 

 {Lynne' and Roger}

 {Uncle Roger and Dad}

 {Uncle Roger, Dad, Aunt Cindy}

 {Uncle Vance and you can see a sliver of Aunt Marsha behind him}

 {Cindy and Sheila}

 {Melynda and Karalee}

The reception was across the street from the care facility that my grandma is staying in, so afterwards we went and visited her.
It was late for her and she was already sleepy, but it was a good day and she was able to recognize me and I was able to tell her I love her.

{late McDonalds dinner}

Sunday morning my body wouldn't let me sleep in (despite having no kids with me), so I was able to witness a spectacular sunrise.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

summer catch up

I've shared the major stuff already, but here's a bunch of the other miscellaneous happenings over the past months.


 {the kids set up a 'library'}

 {Evie at an outside ward activity, she held frogs and worms} 

{she lost her first tooth}


 {we replaced our front lawn}

 {I made our kitchen backsplash black}

 {we took the whole family out for our 12th anniversary}

 {Curt made dinner for Mother's Day}

 {mom came in town to watch our kids while we went to Europe...our disposal started leaking all over that morning so she and I replaced it before Curt and I left}

 {Evie with a mask we brought her from Venice}

 {Des playing with the chess set we brought back}

 {Shane graduated high school}


 {annual pressure washing of the driveway}

 {pool time}


We spent half the month in Orlando and Utah.

{watching cars}


 {Curt did donuts on a string for the kids because Evie had read about it in an activity book and had gotten a bee in her bonnet, he's definitely the fun parent}

 {Des and Evie started school, 2nd grade and kindergarten}

 {and so the little ones and I have a new routine of waiting for the bus every afternoon}

 {Edison is gaining on McKay}

 {family Chick-fil-a evening}

 {Curt and I actually had a hire-a-babysitter type of date. We went to the Lindsey Stirling/Evanescense concert} 

 {staying awake through lunch is sometimes hard}

 {outside is the baby's favorite place}

 {donut date with McKay, every once in a while we do a one on one with each kid}

 {renewed a couple kid passports, the post office we went to had awesome vintage boxes}

{McKay started preschool}

and finally, September...

 {Curt did a weekend boys trip to Gainesville with his brothers and dad}

 {more pool time}

 {nature walk with the kids, McKay still feels like he has to hold his pants up, even though he's wearing the same size as the baby...poor skinny little thing}

 {even though it's still hot here, the spiders have got the memo that fall is coming and are spinning webs everywhere...this monster built a web encompassing the lower half of the doorway from the garage to the backyard.}

 {play date with a friend of Evie's}

 {so much left to do , but we've made progress on the yard and exterior this year}

 {our friends Ryan and KaoNu came for a visit}

 {Lunch date with daddy}

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