Tuesday, March 27, 2018

right now...

-finance manager in the on board services department at Delta
-works with the teenage boys and plays the organ at church

-primary president at church
-doing the mom thing

-is finishing up first grade
-has a bunch of new teeth coming in every which way...braces for sure
-is getting taller and taller.
he's up to my armpit, his clothes are almost as big as mine.
-learns academic things lightning fast, struggles a bit on the social skills.
-loves legos and puzzles and is rigid about his schedule

-will start kindergarten in the fall
-is truly an amazing reader, can and does read anything
-is a creative and lively performer
-is fairly clumsy

-will start pre-school in the fall
-knows all the letters and their sounds, counts to 100 and beyond
-has such a strong independent streak
-has to be put in bed approximately 1000 times before he'll go to sleep

-is choosing to walk more and more
-has 5 teeth, but 3 more are on the cusp of coming in
-is my first kid who is kind of a miserable teether
-thinks he's a big kid

Monday, March 26, 2018

January, February, March


 Edison was standing for short periods of time.

 McKay started in primary as a Sunbeam.

Evie reads anything she can get her hands on. 

Curt went to Boston for work, I thought this picture he took of New York was neat. 

Edison wants to be held, but also likes his space...thus the elbow to the chest. 

It snowed. 

And then was warm. 


 The kids are loving this playset we got from the neighbors.


McKay draws portraits. 

Des got these books for Christmas and turns them around as he finishes them.
Currently they're all done. 

Notes from Evie all over the house. 

Edison turned one. 

And is growing giant...where did my little baby go? 

Des had a birthday too. 

And got to go to a Chopin concert with Curt. 

I got our picture book for last year put together and back from the printer.
And it matches my rug. 

Spring flowers started blooming. 

Valentine's day happened. 

Des loves us, 'evan when' we are mad. 

Tower building on tables so the baby doesn't knock it over. 

We drove to Florida for a long weekend at the beach. 

The two pictures above were taken on the same day.
Apparently on certain days I just love one color, Unintentionally dressed us all matching.


Mustache day at school. 

Evie dresses herself sometimes. 

An Evie family portrait. 

I weaned the baby, that's always such a mix of sadness+freedom! 

Sometimes I catch a glimpse of teenage Evie. 

I got to go by myself to Orlando for a couple days for TOFW (a women's conference). 

Met Tom Christofferson, he's so sweet.

Curt's mom was the local presenter, pretty neat to see.

Ron and Alison came too (and Megan and Katherine).

The next weekend Curt watched the kids again while I took just McKay for a little trip to Utah. 

Cousin trip to the aquarium.  

Lots of Spring stuff blooming.
Stole the picture below from a friend, but it shows the yellow-green pollen clouds that blow from the trees. It's crazy and gets all over everything. 

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