Thursday, August 9, 2018


Traveling across the country with four little kids is hard.
As such, many of my trips back home have become weekend jaunts with just one or two kids.
But it's also important to me to take a real bring-the-whole-family-for-a-while trip at least once a year.
So the last couple weeks in July were that trip.
Two weeks is a fairly long time, but there were still tons of friends and family that I didn't get to see that I wish I did.

Curt flew out with us on a Saturday morning and then flew back that night to work in Atlanta for a week, then came back out to Utah to join us for the second week.

 {the main reason I feel it would be insane to fly alone with four kids}

 {Unicorn Evie}

 {getting my CafĂ© Rio on}

 {potato bugs}

 {spaghetti monster}

 { to see many of those as the baby was still on Georgia time}

 {grandma has so many cool movies that we don't have}


 {masses of children getting cousin time}

 {cute Nora}

 {...and the sunsets!}

 {and the grump that comes with travel lack of sleep}

 {Utah loves kids}

 {lots of water play}

 {and basically the sky was just awesome}

 {lots of hanging out with Melynda}

 {mom's homemade ice cream}

 {Kinsey, Nora, Lane, Nixon}

{Kelsi and David are having a baby boy around Christmas time}

{Curt and I went to see Ocean's 8} 

 {several park visits}

 {breakfast with Dad and Jann}

 {pool play and snow cones with friends on Pioneer Day}

{Cheryl and Cody}

 {we drove around Utah Lake}

 {and stopped by BYU}

{I took mom on a date to eat some good food}

{loved seeing some cousins, Brian pictured here}

 {played some cards...can't believe my Shane starts college in the fall}

 {went to see Lane's new built-ins around the fireplace and their backyard fire pit}

 {visited with Dad and Jann and the kids loved on their kitty}

 {Edison totally thought the doggy door was for him}

And then it was back home to Georgia to get ready to go back to school.

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