Thursday, December 6, 2018


I can't believe we're almost to the end of 2018 already.
Here's a synopsis of our November.

 {Curt's parents came to visit for a weekend and saw the kids in the primary program}


{our decades old microwave bit the dust so I installed a new one. The new one was a little bigger so I had to cut out some of the was an amazing upgrade to get a +30 seconds button :) }

 {I have like a million pictures of fall out my windows, gotta document the beauty}

 {the baby loves his older sister}

 {Curt did another weekend of hurricane cleanup, this time in Florida after hurricane Michael}

 {it didn't flood here, just crazy massive, knock-everything-down winds} 

 {damage to the chapel that served as their headquarters, going to be a while before things can get fixed}

{lots of volunteers at a quick Sunday sacrament meeting before heading out to work} 

 {the baby thinks it's so funny to take every single book off the shelf and throw it on the floor in the playroom...I am less amused}

 {Des sometimes makes me cute connect the dots}

{Mckay had a preschool thanksgiving play where he just stood looking uncomfortable :) }

 {Evie turned six}

 {tried a new recipe that turned out yummy and pretty, it's here if you want it...I added three bell peppers too}

{we drove to Curt's grandparent's in Orlando for Thanksgiving...waffle house stop on the way}

 {got word that morning that my brother's (David) wife had their baby (named him Ryan)...five weeks early due to complications, but he's a cute little peanut and we're glad he's here safe}


 {the baby was fascinated with uncle Mark's little dog and chased her around all day}

 {we then went down to West Palm Beach for a couple days}

{Edison loved grandma's dollhouse}

 {before we had gone to Florida, these guys stayed with us on their way to Germany for a week and a half...we got to see them on the return leg too}

 {decorated the Christmas tree after we got home}

{school Thanksgiving lunches with Des and Evie}

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