Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Happy Birthday Des

We have a three year old.

I'm going to repeat that...we have a three year old.
It doesn't seem possible, but here he is.
And loved. Very, very loved.

He had a couple little friends over to mark the occasion.


And took some pictures with the birthday item he had been asking for for months...balloons.

Friday, February 14, 2014

things I love about Curt

I don't do mushy.
We didn't have a 'proposal' moment because emotionally I couldn't handle that.
Curt cried at our wedding and at the birth of each of our children, I didn't.
Testimony meetings have sometimes been excruciating for me.
I don't think this is super awesome way to be.

I understand the value in authentic sharing of feelings and thoughts.
Curt is my safe person to share these with.

Allow me to try and take a step in the right direction.
A Valentines list of a few things {10} that I appreciate in my husband.
Shared publicly.
If it's too mushy feel free to discontinue reading {trust me...I understand}

1. Curt is teachable.
When I ask him to improve on something he does so willingly and with an honest effort. He doesn't get defensive to criticism. 

2. He is cheerful.
I am a huge worry wart. I had pretty much figured out a way to balance out that personality trait so as to be even keeled and happy before I met Curt, but I have to admit that his unflagging cheerfulness helps me so much. I love to be around him, I miss him when I'm not.

3. He compliments me.
And he's sincere about it. Even when I feel gross and have baby snot all over me. 

4. He appreciates me staying at home.
I never feel like he feels my role is less important than his of providing. He expresses appreciation for the things I do for him and our family. I have his full support.

5. He allows me my 'me' time.
For many Saturdays and even some of his vacation days he takes care of the kids so I can do my home improvement projects. This helps me to recharge and to keep the parts of my identity that aren't necessarily included in 'mom'.

6. He's not afraid of being alone with our kids.
In fact, he kind of excels at it. Where I dread heading out of the house with both in tow, he looks for the opportunity. He changes diapers. He's a partner in bedtime routines. He plays. He loves them.
I want lots of kids, he's not intimidated or apprehensive.

7. We balance each other well.
I'm an introvert. He's outgoing and naturally friendly, striking up conversations with strangers anywhere we go. A lot of people who have become my dear friends have only gotten to know me by first being friends with Curt. When I have ideas I want to implement he always is on board and adopts them as his own. We counsel together and because of that we both have better lives. 
I've already mentioned how his emotions at special moments balance my non-emotions.
I'm *ahem*, how do I say this, a strong personality? opinionated? ambitious? Many people wouldn't deal well with this. He complements me so that it's not even an issue that we have to work through, we just fit.

8. He's loyal.
Even though he knows my weaknesses and annoying quirks better than anyone else, I never have to worry about what he's saying to other people about me. He's never out to embarrass me, even mildly. He doesn't undermine me in my parenting. The kids know that if mom says no, dad says no too, even if it's not something he feels strongly about.

9. He wants to be with us.
The kids and I know there is nowhere he'd rather be than with us.

10. He's fun.
Life is so enjoyable because he's around. He fills our life with beautiful piano music and rhythms on everything. He's enthusiastic and sometimes loud. We're happy.

Happy Valentines Day sweetheart.
11th one spent in each others presence.

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