Friday, September 26, 2008

Little Giant

So, are any of you acquainted with the awesomeness of the Little Giant ladder?
Well, as the pictures above is pretty versatile.

They usually run from $169.99 (the official website) to well over $200 (on "as seen on tv" pads in department stores like Sears).

Well, we got one for...

wait for it....


Amazing deal that I could not pass up, even though we are saving for a lot of stuff right now.
Apparently our local grocery chain, Meijer, is not going to sell these anymore so they clearanced them. Joy, joy, fun, fun, I am almost dancing around at the moment.
This will make many of my projects so much easier.


Sharee said...

We so need one of those for painting the house - too bad you can't just buy me one... there would be no way to ever get it from your. SAD!

Carmen said...

That is a bummer on two counts. 1) becuase I would like for you to get this good deal too, and 2) bummer because we don't even have a plan on when we are going to see each other next. Crap.

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