Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nina - 30 weeks

My Nina...with some new witch boots. :)

Happy Thoughts

Here's so you don't have to look at my ugly feet anymore.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Raynaud's: the photographic evidence

So, I talked here about how I have this disease that basically means that I have really deficient blood flows to my extremeties when I get cold or stressed.
You will notice on that post that I only showed a picture of my foot with it's scar, not a photo of a so-called Raynaud's "attack".

Well, here it is, photos of a massively ugly yet somehow fascinating Raynaud's afflicted foot mid attack.

*WARNING*: the following are gross and may even make you queasy, so if you're that type feel free to come back another day when I have posted about something nice like paint colors.**

We'll start off with something relatively mellow, this is last Sunday...see how my toes are just a little unhealthy looking?

Well, here's my feet tonight.
This wasn't even major outside cold time, I was only outside maybe 5 minutes. With socks. And rubber boots. And coat. And gloves. And beanie. And scarf.

Right foot, this one usually isn't quite as bad as the left foot.

This last picture was taken almost a half hour after coming inside.

Yep, very disconcerting. Looks like frostbite...but my toes eventually return to normal.

And I have this more severely than most people who have this, I think.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Detroit Auto Show: THE CITY

Wait...Detroit!?! {!!}
But Carmen...I thought Detroit was a dangerous, run down, dilapidated, no good place to be.
Yes, that is true.

But downtown Detroit has some really neat buildings, and if you are walking around in broad daylight among crowds going to a large event you can see them with relatively low concern about your safety.

But those are the only circumstances I condone walking anywhere in Detroit.

And look! you can even see across the river and see buildings in Canada!
You cannot tell me that isn't spiffy.

Detroit Auto Show: THE SETS

The cars, yeah they're cool.
But the elaborate things the car makers put together to showcase the cars...even cooler.

Any guess as to what this is?
Kind of looks like fireworks from this angle.

Does this angle help?

They're fantastically neat optic chandeliers in the Jaguar area.

Pretty flowers abound.

Big projection screens...check
Flashy lights...check
Attention grabbing signs...check
Floors made of every material and color under the sun...check

Oh, but oh, the Lexus display took the design cake in my opinion.
That's falling water encasing the Lexus sign...and aspen trunks...divine.

Looking to the upper floor of the Lexus area.

...they had river rock and cherry stained wood displays...

...and walls of this beautiful faux stone brick...
...a grand staircase and dashes of chic stainless steel...


Detroit Auto Show: THE CARS

Well, it's that time of year again.
This post covers a lot of the cool cars that we saw.
As with last year's post, be forewarned that there are a million pictures.

Curt and I taking a breather.

This was a perfectly good F-150 they took a saw to so that we could see the truck guts.
Pretty cool.

They had a bunch of engine and transmission examples out.
Now I want to go to the library and get a book so that I can know what all the parts are and what they do and how they fit together.

We thought this was cool because it set this time on the salt flats.

They do funny things like put cars on their side and upside down...

...and cut outsides apart...

...just to have them close in on people in novel ways.

Drool. That's all I have to say.

Here's Curt next to a yellow car.
Why his favorite color for a car has to be the one I think is the most obnoxious is beyond me...

I liked this color.

The most hideous Mercedes ever{!}.

This one looks like the batmobile.

same bat-car, also known as the McLaren concept car.

Pretty Mercedes...

Curt with the Smart know...the funny looking smushed cars that only fit 2 people.
Curt is also manly enough {plus sweet enough} to carry my purse for a manly man-filled event like the auto show.
Ahhh, isn't he cute? I think so.

Oh my goodness I think this was my favorite car at the show.
Isn't it gorgeous!?!
{referring to the silver Mercedes above and below}

Meh, Lamborghinis, they're alright. Not my fav.

An old car Curt loves.

Doesn't this Camaro look all evil feline with the red around the headlights?
Pretty awesomely wicked though.

And finally, the Saturn Sky. A car we will possibly own someday it is that cool.

Well, way to go through all of these pictures.
These were the highlight of Curt's trip to the auto show, I'll show mine in the next two posts.

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