Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Christmas morning was spent at our home with just our little family.
It was small and simple.  The kids received a few things from Grandma Melody and a couple new DVDs from us for the next leg of Christmas, driving down to Florida.

this little red headed doll has her name embroidered across the skirt...so cute

I had to laugh because he gets his concentrating-sticking-tongue-out from me and I get it from my daddy
Christmas morning jammies family portrait

The traditional Christmas breakfast, homemade cinnamon rolls eaten with eggs.

Then we packed up and drove down to Curt's brother's place in Gainesville for Christmas dinner and to stay the night.
We went to a little light display where the boys got their wiggles out before bed.

The day after Christmas we continued on to the family homestead in West Palm Beach.

headband Andrew got in Peru...I think it looks especially neat with Evie's red hair

beautiful sunset.
We were trying to go to see a neighborhood that goes all out with Christmas lights, but apparently they stopped turning on the lights the night before. Bummer.

It's not often when everyone gets together so I brought my tripod and handy dandy remote button so we could document.

Curt and I took the kiddos to look at the ocean because you can't go to Florida and be a couple of minutes away and not.


Grandpa Hogie passed down his mother's candy recipe book to Katherine. Special stuff.

That night there was a get together with many people that Curt grew up with.  I didn't take many pictures as I did a little visiting and then kid duty, but it was a fun evening. 

Then we drove home. And I'm still not unpacked and the house isn't cleaned up.
But I wanted to get this documented before we launched into 2014.
Happy New Year.

And I'll end with pictures from others but capture moments that are too good not to share.

From Curt's phone:

From Shauna:

she knew just what to do with headbands, even though she didn't have any prior to this moment

Listening to and running with Great Grandpa Hogie

where you readers come from