Thursday, June 30, 2011

May and June trips to Utah

So, I've been gone a lot {for me} in the past two months.

This will be a long recap post, but I'll probably be doing some detail posts later.

First up was a week and a half long trip for my little brother, David's, wedding.
I got to hang out for a bit, I painted the base cabinets in my mom's kitchen, met Lane's girlfriend {now fiancee} Kinsey, did a bunch of wedding stuff {all of the floral arrangements and the wedding cake}, and introduced Des to a bunch of his relatives {who I'm sure he loves and I can't see why the feeling wouldn't be reciprocated}.


Lane, Kinsey, Shane, Baby Des

Nin and Zan

Momma and Ellie

Me and the Baby

The newly married couple

Curt and the Baby

I was pleased with how the cake turned out

Me and Kinsey

Second trip is a week long jaunt we just got back from for Melynda's "wedding".
I put 'wedding' in quotation marks because this is actually the time of their first anniversary, but this was the big party that they invited everyone to since last year was a legalize it type deal.
This trip I painted my mom's upper kitchen cabinets, did some wedding stuff {decorated the wedding cake, was a bridesmaid...wore orange...oh the sacrifices I make for those I love}, and introduced Des to a bunch more relatives and friends.


Dad and Jann


Kinsey and Lane

The cake
...Melynda made two cakes for the bottom layer {they were massive} and rice crispy stuff for the top two layers, then handed it over to me to put together and decorate

such a pretty setting

Ellie and her punch mustache

the wedding was held at a neat place called Wadley Farms

Me, Curt, and the boy

My pretty Nina

and her cute little family
Mia, Nin, Ellie, Zan, and Jex

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Huge Milestone

Saturday night was momentous for me.
The baby slept for seven and one half hours STRAIGHT.
Of course, I couldn't.  I had to wake up multiple times to make sure he was still breathing.

But then Sunday night he slept for six hours straight, AND SO DID I.
I feel like a new woman.

So what if last night he only gave me three hour chunks of time again, we are making progress.

On another, unrelated note, look at the beautiful sunset that we enjoyed recently.


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