Thursday, March 30, 2017

Surprising Lane

Kinsey called to tell me she was throwing a surprise party for my brother, Lane's, 30th birthday.
When Curt found out about it he told me I should go for the weekend.
So he stayed home with the three older kids and I headed out with the new little one.

Dad picked me up from the airport Friday afternoon.
We had a late lunch, stopped off to check out the horses and to see Jann at her riding lessons, and then dropped me off at mom's to settle in.

Saturday morning I watched one of the most beautiful sunrises I've ever seen.

Saturday I was able to just visit with mom until it was time to go to Lane's house.
We all gathered and waited for him to get home, he had been out for the afternoon with a couple friends.
Kinsey's family, our family, and some friends were able to make it.


I got to introduce Edison to most of my family.

{after we got word he was on his way in}

Sunday morning we attended church and then that night everyone came to mom's for dinner (breakfast foods, per Lane's request).

{Brielle drew the one below, Londynn tried to imitate in the one above}

 {Curt's mom and sister were in town too and stopped by to see us}


And then I took the red eye flight home.
I'm so grateful to be able to see family on whirlwind fast trips.
So thankful for a husband who gave the other three kids a special weekend too.  

{hanging out at the airport, waiting to be picked up after Des was dropped off at school}


Saturday, March 4, 2017

a blessing weekend

We planned Edison's blessing at church to be the last Sunday mom was in town.
(with the assumption he would be born on time, it was only five days after his due date of the 21st. this plan worked out for us)

Curt's brother and his family drove up from Pensacola and his dad flew in from West Palm Beach for the weekend.

Saturday morning the visitors, Curt, and our two oldest headed to the Coke museum.
They spent a few hours there and then swung by the Varsity for lunch.

Sunday was the blessing at church, a family dinner right afterwards, and then everybody headed back home.

{pictures like this make me think his hair will match Evie's}

{In the little blessing outfit my brothers wore 30 years ago, my dad's aunt made it. I get a kick out of the lace ruffles of the era. Each of my boys have been blessed in this outfit too}

{I didn't get this one focused in the right spot with the camera timer, but even blurry I'm glad we have a group shot to record the moment} 

{Hostetler boys}

 {Taylor is a year younger than Evie but they're the same height}

Fun weekend with family.


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