Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Random Pictures

So, this post is a collection of the pictures that I like or that crack me up, but that don't really fit into a "blog post category".

Shane, modeling the latest in kid Craftsman tools.
We start them young.

This was a glass divider wall in a bank that we went into. I like it, maybe it's because I am in love with aspen trees, but I would totally sport this look in my house somewhere.

Andrew and Curt being Andrew and Curt.

Starting to assume "the position"

Shauna in Mom's front room.

Shaners in the front room.

So...remember how I was making fun of Curt not being able to take pictures without cutting off my head when we first were married?
Yeah, these are my feeble attempts at getting us both in a picture...it never did end up working how I wanted it to.

My grandma Topham made this beautiful floral arrangement for my Mom when she last came up to visit. She used colors from the pictures we have hung up on the walls and matched the base container to the picture frames. What can I say, she has a good eye.

Lane and Me.

Me and Shaners.

Shane went out and threw himself all around the trampoline with the sprinkler turned on underneath, Oh to have his energy levels!

Apparently, cats like Curt more than he likes them.
Kind of like dogs for me.
This is a cat that is absolutely petrified of humans, and yet came out and made herself comfortable on Curt.


Cathi said...

Great photos Carmen, all of them. I love the ones of Shane on the tramp, especially where he's all caddy whompus upsidedown. :)

Carmen said...

Yeah, that's one of my favorites too!

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