Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Mommy

Look, I am being on top of things and posting this on my Mommy's birthday.

Mom holding Melynda.

Me and Mom.

Mom and David.

Lane, Mom holding David and Melynda, and Me in my T-ball stuff.

Yeah, I don't think that I could handle 4 kids this close in age.
I was born in May of '84 and David (the baby in the picture) was born in June of '88.

Mom and Melynda.
Grandma T. crocheted the little dress. Someday I want to be as talented as my Grandma T.

Me and Mom.

Alison, Grandma T., Dad, Mom, and someone's arms, in Grandma L's kitchen.
So, I've never thought Mom looks a ton like her mom..but she does in this picture.
Mom, I don't know how you wore those tiny little jeans (not that I'm saying you aren't tiny...but I know your hips are about my size and the thought of me trying to fit into those jeans is painful).

Mommy was being a nurse for a Halloween party.
(This is while she was in nursing school)

Happy Birthday Mommy, I love you!

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