Friday, January 24, 2014

Monday, January 20, 2014

getting smart

So, this is the year.
The year I join the 21st century.
By getting a smart phone.

That's right.
After all of my adult siblings, all my in-laws, my dad, my mom, and even my grandpa.

I got the iphone.
The price was right {free} with the contract renewal.
Biggest selling point: camera in my pocket.
Sometimes I just don't have {or want to lug around} my big camera.

Today was Martin Luther King Day and we got to keep Curt home with us. Love that.
I raked all the pine needles off of the back lawn and it was so beautiful out {almost 70} that we got dinner and had a picnic.
And yes, the kids were in pajamas. And yes, Evie sure rocks the bedhead.

trying lemonade. she liked it.

all photos taken with my new nifty device.
recording moments that otherwise would not be recorded.
not sorry I waited, but oh so glad to now have.

Friday, January 10, 2014

right now...

Curt & Carmen:
doing about the same as in the last 'right now' post, so I'll not repeat it

-is so particular about how certain routines should be played out (ie bedtime, Dad leaving for work)
I hesitate to publicize the following, but this is my only record keeping for stuff like this, so...
-is a major grump and is rarely nice to his little sister
-is turning three next month so maybe that will magically end this phase...ha! wishful thinking
-is incredibly cuddly and affectionate most of time
-is also so, so funny. Ask us about his Buzz Lightyear dance.

-pretty much started full-time walking this past week, it's a cute zombie walk
-has nine teeth, including a brand new molar
-plays peek-a-boo with hands or anything else that's handy
-I'm finally pretty sure that she's saying a few words 

hi : hi
chssss : cheese
{for picture taking, not food eating}
tka-tka : tickle tickle
{accompanied by tickling hand motion}
maybe mama and dada, still hard to tell if that's on purpose

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