Tuesday, October 10, 2017

summer through now

Here are some odds and ends of our lives from the last several months that don't include our trips.

 {some pool time}

 {some cuteness}

 {we fenced in part of the backyard, tore down our deck, and tore out the paver patio}

{we tore all that stuff out to clear up our view and to decrease maintenance}

{more cuteness}

 {we did some sparklers after we got back from our 4th of July trips}

 {Curt took the kids camping in the backyard in the humidity, the kids had fun}

 {some spectacular skies}

 {we all went to the dentist}

{Curt had a birthday}

 {Curt, Des, and friend Tessa, and her dad Ryan went to a Braves game}

 {we watched an eclipse}

{Des started school again}

 {Curt went to Florida for a guys weekend with his dad and brothers}

 {climbing up anything and everything}

 {playing outside}

 {my little brother's grandma died from cancer, one of those times I hate living far away}

 {the tropical storm remains of hurricane Irma came through and made a bit of a mess of the yard}

{Curt and I put on a girls pine wood derby for the 8-11 year old girls in our ward}

 {we got concrete poured to replace all the things we tore out}

{making some progress on the yard, lots more to do}

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Curt's cousin got married in California this past weekend.
He doesn't have many cousins and we haven't seen this family since our wedding more than eleven years ago, so it was a good opportunity to support and reconnect.

{cool view flying over southern Utah, this earth is amazing}

We flew into San Francisco, checked out the Golden Gate Bridge and Muir Woods, then drove to the Sacramento area for a family dinner put on by the bride's family.

{Curt's parents came too, which was wonderful for many reasons, but a huge one being traveling with four little kids is not easy}

Muir Woods was so amazing.
The scale of the massive redwoods is just not conveyed in pictures.
And the smell...so so good.
Totally worth braving the gnarly traffic and crowds.


And then we sat in traffic for over THREE... three! long hours to go like 95 miles.
California can keep its traffic, yuck.

Saturday morning was the wedding at the Oakland LDS Temple.

{Des was enamored with Ashley and drew her many drawings}

Wonderfully random, but I was walking along and saw my cousin, who just moved to California from Boston.
Fun coincidence.

 {waiting for pictures afterwards...it was very sunshiney. Curt protected his noggin' like a pirate}

 {Uncle Mark with his girls}

{the magnificent view of the city from the temple grounds} 

 {Joel and Anne}

 {Matt, Nicole, Monique, Joel, Anne, Mark, Camille, Ashley, Kristina}

{all the same plus Grandma & Grandpa Hogie}

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