Saturday, December 30, 2017


This year we woke up at home on Christmas morning, opened gifts, ate some cinnamon rolls, packed up, and headed down to Florida.

 {Waffle House for lunch, Des' mouth is in major tooth transition}

We stopped by Curt's grandparent's place in Orlando and then headed to our destination, his parent's in West Palm Beach.

We played a bunch of games, went shopping, and saw that the president was in town.

 {we were having family pictures the next morning so I laid everything out to prepare/make sure we had everything}

Grandma had the kids make fun gingerbread houses.

We briefly went to see the dogs at the races.


And Shauna held her annual get together to see a bunch of people.

 I stayed up late to go to a movie (Jumanji) with the sisters-in-law (hilarious, by the way).

And then we packed back up to head home.

 {cousins who are going to miss each other}

Friday, December 22, 2017


Curt is wonderful.
He knows that it is hard for me to live away from family and has tried to make it so I can at least see them quarterly.
He took the day off last Friday so I could do a very quick trip to Utah.
As in I flew out Friday morning and flew back Saturday night.
Totally worth it.

I brought Evie and Edison.
Daddy picked us up from the airport and we visited some of his homes and then went to lunch at café Rio with Jann and Lane.

We had a really great afternoon just spending time together and letting the kids play.

We stayed the night at mom's and she made waffles for us in the morning.

Melynda came over for a bit with her girls and then we all went over to Lane and Kinsey's for several hours.

 {Their home is a really beautiful, cozy place to be}

 {the youngest pair of grandbabies}

Then we packed up and did the trek across the country to get home again, pulling in just before midnight. 
Thankful that something like that is possible.
So happy to see these loved ones.

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