Friday, October 31, 2014

Baby McKay

McKay Douglas Hostetler was born at 4:01am on Tuesday morning (10/28/14).
He was 7lb 10oz and 20 inches long.

 last picture taken of 'the belly', on Sunday

On Monday night I was just feeling end of pregnancy mental fatigue and couldn't for the life of me figure out what to do for dinner.  So I baked pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and Curt picked up fried chicken on the way home. 
Dinner of champions right there.

We did the bedtime routine and I showered and got ready for bed. 
Curt had already fallen asleep {'reading'}, but soon after lying down I had a contraction.
 So I starting timing using the stopwatch app and after a couple realized they were 5 minutes apart.
So I woke up Curt and asked him if he had really packed for the hospital because we might be headed there.

And then there was the conundrum.
Is this real enough to head to the hospital? To call someone in the middle of the night to either come to the house or bring the kids to them? I don't want to be lame and then just be at the hospital forever, or false alarm and have to come home. But I really really don't want to have a baby at home or on the way.

I called my mom and told her what was going on, and it was enough to nudge me in the direction of heading out.
So Curt called my friend Andrea {thank you so much Andrea!} at like 11:30pm. 
She showed up 5 minutes later {so fast for not having any notice}.
And we left.

And then the new baby was here a relatively short 4 1/2 hours later.
Labor was good, best one yet.
Recovery has also been the best one yet. 
Although, darn it, one of these times I would love to have a baby in the day time as to not miss a whole night of sleep.

Curt headed home to make the kiddos breakfast and to bring them to meet their new brother.

Then they all headed home for play, lunch, and naps.
Curt dropped them off at a good friends {thanks Amy!} for a couple hours after naps so he could come and be with us, but then went home for the night with Des and Evie.
I wanted to be home too.

The next morning Curt and the kids picked up his mom from the airport {she flew up for 24 hours, very thankful for that} and came to visit.

Des playing with the buttons on my hospital bed

Evie loving on the new baby

Grandma Hoss then took care of the kids while we worked to get discharged.

can't get over the tiny cuteness

We finally got to go home and then we went to the ward trunk-or-treat, where I just sat and watched, but it was so cute to see all of the little kids.

And now we are just enjoying this new little being and trying to figure out our new normal.

Evie loves this new baby, but we have to watch her closely to make sure sure doesn't 'love' on him too fiercely.  Des is pretty OK with him, but has been having crazy tantrums. 
My mom comes in on Sunday for a couple of weeks {thank goodness}.

So thankful.
For safety, for this new little baby, for family time, for good friends and a good ward.

Friday, October 17, 2014

right now...

-is in the midst of finishing a busy time at work.
Good thing that's going to be winding down a bit as we'll soon have a newborn again. 
-has already met his reading goal for the year so he increased the number of books in the goal

-is at 38 1/2 weeks of this pregnancy.
This new baby boy can make his arrival at any time now, but I'm actually hoping to go a couple days past my due date.  It'd be much more convenient to have mom already here when I go into labor.
-is working on a pretty large home project I've labeled the 'bonus room reconfiguration'.

 Here's a picture from about 2 minutes ago...

-loves to boss Evie around.
She's generally amenable to it, but when she's not it usually ends up with Des yelling/tantruming and being put in his room.
-loves to sing. or yell/sing. or just be loud in general.

-is incessantly covered in marker.
-wants to pick out her own outfits
-loves to dance. She has some pretty hilarious moves.

where you readers come from