Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sorry to be so boring...

But not very much is going on here for us.
Curt is getting into the groove of school and I am getting crazy busy at work because the lady who hired me at the power plant left for a really good position at Duke in North Carolina, so I am doing the job I was hired to do plus the one she vacated. I am a one person administrative department. Ha ha, I get a kick out of that. At any rate, I have applied for her position and we'll have to see what comes of it.

Our house is taking a tiny breather. Centex is still trying to get DTE to come and move their transformer, but in the mean time they have worked out a deal to hook up temporary power from our existing neighbor. I'll give them kudos for exploring all of their options. They should be starting the drywall next.

I am currently trying to figure out the University of Michigan's website (it is so not as organized and as easy to use as BYU's website) so that I can get the information I need to map out Curt's next 5 years of classes.
Yes, I did just say 5 years.
This would be taking 2 classes each fall and winter semesters and taking the spring and summer off. Curt is currently taking two classes and I think that is the max I want him to take at a time, any more and I would hardly see him at all. And well, to be honest, we're in no hurry. We'll have a wonderful house in a beautiful area, Curt has a great job, and I don't feel the pressure to just get done and get out that I did while I was living in student housing in Provo. I like our lifestyle now. (correction: I'll like our lifestyle in November and we are in our house)


Nykelle said...

I love the pictures of the house Carmen! Ours looks kind of similar to yours, especially in the back. Geez I should have thought to ask you all of my questions and get your ideas! You are probably the only woman on earth smart enough to know how to general your own house. It looks great! Can't wait for more!

Alicia said...

Hey Carmen! It's Alicia. Curt and I are good friends because his aunt is my sister-in-law?! Jenni? Anyways, I'd love it if we could keep in touch. Brandon and I have a blog now. We are just moving to Washington State.

Cathi said...

I am so glad you are applying for the job you are already doing!! Good Luck Carmen. You too with school Curt.

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