Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Josh Groban Concert

Last night we went to the Josh Groban concert at the Delta..ahem...Energy Solutions Arena. It was a sold out show, but the owner of the company I work for had gotten a suite so that everyone could go. Dinner was provided, there were nice cushy seats, your own bathroom...I don't know if being that spoiled is good for me, now when I go the "normal" concert/sporting event route I may feel the lack.

At any rate it was completely awesome. I can't say that I had ever heard any of his music before, but I am a fan now. Man he has an incredible voice. All the supporting musicians were incredible too. I love the cello and the violin! It was so good that Curt, being the musical being that he is, couldn't keep his fingers from tapping the various beats.

It ended way too late (11:00 pm, that's way past my 9:00 bedtime), but maybe I will be tired enough to fall asleep on the flight to Florida tonight. (derisive laugh) Not likely, I'll probably just be ready to fall over when we get there.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


We went to the Hoglund (Curt's mom was a Hoglund) Family Lagoon Day Friday afternoon. It was another first for Curt and it was pretty fun.

Curt in front of the Jet Star II.

Me after getting wet on Rattlesnake Rapids. We may have killed Curt's cell phone on this one, the display got wet and then he sat on it.

Wakeboarding at Jordanelle

On Friday morning a bunch of us from my work headed up to the lake. It was a perfect morning: smooth water and not many boats on the lake.

This is Duaine's boat, isn't it pretty?

Me and Curt while we were heading out of the "no wake" zone.

This is me wakeboarding. I haven't gone in two years, so needless to say I am out of shape and feeling it in my muscles today.

I was the flag person for most of the trip.

Here is one of Curt's attempts at getting up (this was his very first time wakeboarding), look at how close he got.

Me again. It was a very enjoyable morning.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Guest Bedroom

While Megan was here last week, she got to stay in our guest bedroom (formerly known as my office). Previously, when we have had guests, they have had to sleep on the floor on air mattresses and regular mattresses, but we haven't had a bed until recently. I hate to sound like an advertisement, but we got our new guest bed at IKEA, and we love it. IKEA has a lot of great things, and very good prices, and they just opened one here in Draper.

If you are coming to stay with us, I'm sure it come as no surprise that we are also doing some remodeling of the guest bedroom. Last night we ripped out a one foot section of carpet along the far wall and will be building a built-in bookshelf. Carmen is also painting the upper part of the wall and installing bead-board on the lower part. It's going to look great.

On a side note, I have determined that it is much easier to post to the blog when we don't include pictures from our camera. It really isn't that big of a hassle to take a picture and load it onto the computer, but for some reason we don't take very many pictures.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Hogle Zoo

This morning we went to the Hogle Zoo with Megan and Shane (Megan is here visiting from Florida this week for her 8th Birthday). We arrived shortly after the opening hour of 9:00 am, which I've decided is the very best time as it is still cool, the animals overall are out and about and active, and the zoo is relatively uncrowded.

At the entrance we were greeted by a bald eagle...look at how huge this thing is!

The zoo had an exhibit called the Ghost of the Bayou that had a white alligator. This thing was huge and had these very blue eyes.

The classic "lion is eating my head" drinking fountain.

Some of the other highlights of the morning were the baby orangutan who was swinging around and having crashes every few minutes, a live demonstration on training a huge leopard in the new cat section of the zoo, and a rattle snake in the penguin cage. The last one was fun, we went to look at the penguins and they were all staying in one corner of their pen. When looking at the other side we found out why: there was a large rattlesnake settled there. Needless to say we didn't think that it belonged there, so Curt found a couple of girls who worked at the zoo and told them. When he told them they kind of did a double take, like they didn't hear him right, checked the enclosure to look for themselves, and then started scurrying around calling people on their radios...apparently they didn't think that the snake belonged with the penguins either.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Phoenix Trip...

We don't have a lot of pictures from the trip because we were relaxing and we're kind of slackers. It was very good to see my grandparents, and it was a much needed week long break from work. A lot of time was spent in the pool, reading, and going shopping.

Here's Shane getting in the pool, this is the first year he hasn't been afraid to go off the steps. Now he's a little fish and will even dive to the bottom of the 11 foot deep section to fetch dive toys.

Here's a picture from the bridge looking at Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell on the way driving home.

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