Saturday, November 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Evie!

My Evie girl turned one today.

Looks kind of gross but is oh so good...frosting is cream cheese and sweetened condensed milk, kind of like a cream cheese caramel 

Curt picked up the balloons.
Love the thought...laughed a little at the pink and the Disney, two things not generally found in our home.

Made a lemony-jalapenoy-roasted.garlicy-feta dip. Mmmmm.

The veggies that add some balance to the bad for you party fare.

 We used her birthday as an excuse to have a combined house warming party and invited a bunch of co-workers/neighbors/church friends.  It was fun.

She's getting so big.  I can see elements of toddler, less baby-ness. Adorable and happy.


Friday, November 1, 2013


We started out the festivities by going to the ward trunk-or-treat on Tuesday night.

the Fall colors are starting to arrive...they are beautiful

Evie was a spider

some people had a lot of fun with their "trunk" decorations. pretty amazing.

Des' best pal dressed in a matching costume through a happy coincidence. fun and perfect. 

Last night Curt took Des on a quick trick-or-treat trip down one cul-de-sac and then headed home to help pass out candy.

Though with such long driveways in our neighborhood we didn't get many kids willing to make the trek (even with getting rides on golf carts between houses)...they mainly stuck to the fun parts of the neighborhood where people made it a party and lined up for the evening in chairs with their buckets of candy.  Duly noted for next year.

on our front walk, waiting to go
it was an absolutely beautiful evening, no frozen extremities that were typical of my childhood Halloweens  

more autumn colors. it should be spectacular here in the next few weeks

it was hard to keep the little girl out of the candy bowl...such attractive colorful things

...and then it was just staying entertained by the front door for a bit, closing up shop, and heading to bed.

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