Wednesday, August 31, 2011

front guest room: small update

So, I always have a mental list of projects I want to be doing in the house.
Usually it's really long.
Now is no exception: I need to start on putting stuff on the walls in the piano room, master bedroom, guest bedroom, and loft, do something with the stairwell, finish the deck {by the way, we started a deck}, organize the garage, finish the peg board organization of my tools in the laundry room, etc, etc.

Instead of working on any of those things though, I messed with pillows.

 "What pillows?" might you ask...why, the pillows on the guest bed.
When I last gave an update on this room we were looking like this...

...and currently we look like this...

...hmmm, apparently I have made some other updates to the room since then too, but let's focus on the pillows right now because they are what is making me smile at the moment.

I took off the accent pillows that I had made specifically for this bed.  I was feeling too much of a "matchy, matchy" vibe.
I added the silky, midnight blue pillows that used to be on our master bed and added a rose printed sham that I used in college.

...and I'm loving the variety...deeply satisfying...

This little guy is happy about it too.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Last week Curt needed to go to Chicago for work, so Des and I tagged along.

Let's start with our hotel room.
It was great...look at the beautiful view...

...this building was my favorite to look at, the Trump International Hotel and Tower

Our room had good art in it, photographs from around the city.

...even the bathroom had a picture of the bean in it.

We ate a lot of good food and had fun walking around the city.
Yes, if you are wondering, the following is a Marilyn Monroe figure that is several times taller than a city bus.

This is a restaurant that we ate breakfast from every morning..very yummy, fluffy, fabulous french toast.

I love that the river plays such a large part of this city...a little smelly, but very picturesque.

love the details on so many of the pretty.

 ...And then the huge park(s)...

Just lovely.

While Curt was at work the first day I went to the Field Museum.  Totally awesome. 
But lugging my hefty {cute} baby around all day for miles and miles did a number on my knee.
{Yes, I know, next time I will plan better and have the stroller}
I recovered, but it did inhibit my exploring for the rest of the trip.

Overall, Chicago was fun and I'm glad to have gone there and get a feel for it.


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