Tuesday, October 4, 2016

So...we're having a baby boy in February

I'm 20 weeks along and things are going well so far.
This baby is active and strong enough that Curt has been able to feel his kicks.

Lots of muted emotions.

Prepping mentally for four kids six and under. Sometimes (usually after a hard moment with the three I have already) I feel overwhelmed, but then I remember I felt maxed out with one, and two, and now and it is just familiar and I know I can stretch and do it.
A bit of increased watchfulness. After miscarriage you just know a little more poignantly that things don't always go just how you plan. 
Thankful to be out of the first trimester, I was nauseous all through our London trip and I think either I was more sick this time around or I'm getting more sensitive in my old age. 
Excited to snuggle a little tiny one again.
Love babies and my growing family. I know I am so lucky to have them, and ache for those who want it and haven't been able to yet.

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