Friday, September 12, 2008

Pre-Drywall Construction Meeting

So, we had a pre-drywall meeting with our project superintendent yesterday. It went well.
I was at the house the night before, and I took a new record of almost 200 pictures.
(Hey, what can I say, I want to have a record of what is behind the walls)
But, I do realize that you all probably don't get the thrill I do looking at endless amounts of Romex and duct work, so I contained myself to my normal just slightly overboard amount on the blog.

Yeah, see that power pedestal still sitting in the middle of what will be our driveway?
DTE (the local power company) is dragging their feet in coming to move it. They could be the only hitch in schedule this house has...which, if that is the only thing, I am OK.

They came back and saw cut the garage slab.
Some might wonder the reason they do this. Well, one of the facts of life is that all concrete cracks.
It just does.
There is nothing you can do about it.
But by cutting these lines, or finishing a line in when working the top of the concrete, it makes it more likely to crack where you want it to crack instead of cracking wherever the heck it wants to crack.
(Disclaimer: It still might crack wherever the heck it wants to crack)

This one section of wiring is run in conduit (the silver, metal tubing) because, as I have mentioned before, they are basically using all of the closet and pantry walls as air returns.

See how there is both yellow and white wiring?
They are different gauges, the yellow is 12 gauge and the white is 14 gauge.
Which one is thicker? The 12 gauge yellow.
Yeah, the smaller the number the thicker the wire.
12 gauge is required in some bathroom and kitchen applications.

And see the red stuff around the duct work?
That is insulation/fire stop stuff.

So...remember how I left some small requests in a note taped up for the electrician to see?
Well, they actually followed my instructions without any hassle!
Super cool.
Request 1: I wanted them to leave some play in the wire for the fan box in the master bedroom. We are going to move this to the center after we moved in and I needed the extra play.
Request 2: We wanted an outlet in the master closet so Curt could do his ironing in there. (see picture below).

By now they should have the insulation in, we will go check it out tomorrow!

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