Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Melynda!

So, we have already established that I am terrible at remembering to spotlight people on their birthday (which is something I want to be better at), but I figure better late than to just forget about it.

Last week was my Nina's birthday, she turned 23.

Melynda and our cousin, Karalee.

Melynda, David, Me, Lane

Nina sharing her headphones with me at the dentists; our Dad's cousin, Blair.

Melynda after a muddy skyline 4-wheeler ride up at Grassy.

David, Lane, Melynda, and Me at Grandma and Grandpa's.

Melynda in Grandpa Losee's old uniform.

Our version of slip and slide on one of Nina's birthdays.

My Mom always called Melynda "skinny minnie", you can see why.

Melynda in a pile of leaves.

Melynda on her blessing day.

Melynda and Mom in the house I grew up in.

Nice glasses Mom! Holy cow!

Melynda always says she looked like a boy when she was little, but I think she was a dang cute, very obvious little girl.

I know this birthday wasn't your favorite one Nina, but hey...you're a year older now :)
Happy Birthday. Love you.
(I'm looking forward to that cake and ice cream with you this weekend)

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Sharee said...

I love all the pictures! They are the same ones I grew up with in our "Topham Family Album." Oh, good times. I can't believe little Melynda is 23!!!!!

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