Wednesday, September 25, 2013

family pictures...back in May

Way back in the midst of our couple month vacation we had family pictures taken with my family.

Kinsey's mom {Deborah from} was our photographer, which is never easy with such a large group.

Yeah, my kids in particular were not happy to be there, yet she got some good shots anyways.

We were at the Noni gardens in Provo...very pretty.

It's crazy to me to see how much Evie has grown since then.

My Nina and her crew.

Lane and Kins.

Kinsey helped to pick the general color scheme for our clothes and I thought it was a fun one.

David and Kelsi.

My Shaners.


Daddy & Jann

...and an out-take that I thought was hilarious...what looks like Des casting a spell on the rest of the grandkids.
What was really happening was that he was running and jumping around and the two babies were crying.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


When I look at pictures of late I have a lot more of Evie than Des.
Which is not representative of the time I spend shooting pictures of each, Des is just a guy on the move...meaning extreme blur and then delete.

blurry but happy

the best of recent Des...and look, Evie stands against things!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

a new rug

Exciting stuff.
I found and ordered a rug I liked from Home Depot.
It arrived.
I love it.
Baby steps to making this house my home.

Monday, September 9, 2013

right now...

Time to check in with a little bit about us right now.

-is enjoying his new job in Finance at Delta
-at church is the organist, choir accompanist, and music chair
-is happy to have time to read for fun now that school is done

-is busy taking care of the babies and chipping away at the house to-do list
-at church just got called as the cub scout committee something or other...I have lots to learn

-knows all letters, upper- and lower-case, and is starting to sound words out
-can reliably count to 12
-is singing a songs, nursery rhymes, movie tunes...he loves them all
-related, he frequently speaks in movie quotes, cracks me up
-is either super happy and sweet or a huge grump, sometimes within seconds of each other.  The grumpiness is usually triggered by his dislike of Evie.  Someday they'll be friends (Evie adores him).

-has army crawled for months now
-recently started crawling up stairs and pulling up on things
-has four teeth
-is happy and sweet and usually wide open mouth grins when you look at her


a rare-but-getting-more-regular hug from Des to Evie

Thursday, September 5, 2013

where you readers come from