Sunday, August 3, 2008

Update on Dad's house

Since I happened to be in Utah a couple weeks ago I snapped some pictures on my Dad's house that Lane has been working on for the summer. To refresh your memory, go here
to see before pictures, though I've included some of the pertinent befores in this post for reference.

The in progress bathroom.

Lane tiled it pretty fancy shmancy. Handy boy to have around.
(Pardon Melynda's clothes hanging from the curtain rod, I didn't feel like moving them for a real picture)

He also put up this pretty bead board, painted the walls a complimentary color, and tiled the floor.

An in progress look at the kitchen.

A further along in progress look.
Lane re-did some of the sub flooring, and took out the rest of the cabinets and appliances.

Some doors leaning against the wall. This is looking where the kitchen sink used to be.

Further updates will come as I can get them. Progress may stall for a while as Lane is starting at BYU at the end of the month.

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