Saturday, August 2, 2008


Sorry the blog is a bit house heavy for the moment. I have some pictures of other stuff, and I promise I will post about it soon.

But, at any rate...our house is backfilled!

Do you remember those rebar hooks that I thought were for tying in the slab floor but I had never seen them used before? (real bad run-on sentence, I know, but I'm over it)

Well they ended up being for this...

....Cool bracing making sure the pressure of the backfilled dirt doesn't topple over the concrete that isn't at full strength yet. (For concrete takes about 28 of drying to get to it's full strength)
This is pretty innovative, I like it.

Me chillin' on my house.

Curt trying not to fall in.

Our backyard no longer has a pile of dirt in it!

A more aerial view of the backyard.

Fun, fun, fun.


Sharee said...

Your backyard and what I can see of your neighborhood looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! So exciting! I wish I understood half of what you are saying about the construction.... By the way, you look way cute in the above picture and I L-O-V-E your shorts!

Carmen said...

Thanks Sharee!

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