Saturday, August 23, 2008


You know those people in the office that go around with the label makers, marking a place for everything to go?

Yeah, that's our home builder. Pretty entertaining.
Don't get me wrong, it's a very good shows organization and cuts down on mistakes.
I find humor it in though.

Exhibit A: Labeled floor joists.

Exhibit B: Labeling where the cabinets and appliances go, marking out their dimensions on the floor. Marking it "gas range" so they remember to run a gas line to this spot.

Exhibit C: They snapped a chalk line down the plywood where all of the floor joists run.
This labeling already came in handy for them as they came in and put a million more screws in the subfloor, following these chalked lines (they had previously glued the floor down).

Exhibit D: Labeling that we have an electric dryer, not a gas one.
Apparently we are an abnormality here.

Exhibit E: Labeling where the toilet goes.
You would think that this would be a no-brainer for the plumber.
Well, then you would be surprised at how dumb some plumbers can be.
I have run into several instances where the toilet is either set too close to a cabinet or a wall. One time they had put the drain for the toilet so close to the back wall that the tank couldn't be installed. When this happens you have to go back and mess up the floor putting an elbow on the toilet drain. It messes up the construction schedule and results in an imperfect product.
So, I am glad they dumb down the process by labeling.

Exhibit F: I have already mentioned that they went through and labeled all of the doors.
I will interpret these labels for you:
2 0 = a 2 foot 0 inch door
B.F. = bi-fold
Pantry = this is the Pantry :)
wrap = instructions to the drywallers to wrap around this door framing.
Normal interior passage doors come with frames that attach directly to these already existing framing members. All of the bi-fold doors in the house need to have a finished edge to be installed to.

Exhibit G: They have marked all of the centers of the window openings.
This is helpful to get centered and level window installations.

On a minorly distressing note, they stole the hill from which I usually take my aerial photos.
Whatever am I supposed to do now?

Oh well, I guess I will just have to live :)

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