Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wrapping up loose ends

So, not quite as much visual progress this week as last week. I'm very glad though that they have taken the time to make sure everything is complete and beautiful in this phase before rushing off to the next. I will be pointing out several details that give indication of a quality home builder in some of the following pictures.

Quality Item # 1: Can you believe how CLEAN this whole job site is? Very impressive.
This is good for several reasons. 1) When things are clean you and your subcontractors can more easily see flaws, mistakes, and other needed corrections. 2) Safety hazards go way down--good because you don't want anyone to get hurt, and good because you do not want a fine from OSHA. No siree. 3) I would be impressed as a home buyer even if I didn't have a degree in construction management and know the things to look for.

It has been long enough since they poured the foundation walls that they deemed it sound enough to take out the braces. Plus there's a floor overhead tying the structure together and making it strong and cohesive.

Quality Item #2: They've installed hefty, solid bracing behind where each hand rail will be installed. They will be sturdy.
(The room in the background will be the piano room, isn't it a nice space?)

This is the loft space at the top of the stairs. It will be our desk space and library.

Quality Item #3: They actually go around, mark each door's supposed dimension (for ease of installation), and measure to make sure the actual matches.

Yes, this crack at the top of the roof line was left on purpose.
There will be a attic vent spanning the length of it when they roof.

Quality Item #4: Can you believe how CLEAN this whole job site is?
What...I've used this one already? Yeah, but I just can't get over it. Seriously, when was the last time you saw a graded, litter free, non-treacherous yard in a house being built? Way ideal.

Bonus! We didn't realize that our house plan included a window seat in the master bedroom.
I love it!

Quality Item #5: Organization. This is a list of the options we picked, nailed up for all of the subcontractors to reference so that nothing gets missed.
Ha ha, I'm a brat and will be leaving a couple of sticky note messages of my own to the subs on this list...specifically for some simple electrical requests I have.

And they've trimmed and taped down all of the edges of the moisture barrier.
Nifty Cheeto...I am just tickled.

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