Saturday, August 9, 2008

Holy Cow, they're quick...

We have an almost completely framed first floor.

The view from the living room windows.

The view from the kitchen window.

Here's the beam that I was talking about in the last post, now put in place.

Safety first.
One of the biggest percentage of serious construction site injuries are from falls.
Here they've nailed down sheets of plywood over the stairwell.

Here are those straps embedded in the concrete. They keep the house tied together very well.

Here's the wall with the fireplace enclosure, just waiting to be tilted up and secured into place.

The truss package.

What's left of the framing package.

There were some incredible clouds going on. I was wondering how come they seemed so close to me...and I remembered that the mountains keep out a good portion of the low clouds in the Salt Lake Valley.

This is where I get my aerial shots. How handy for them to have a pile of dirt for me to climb.

Cool airplane flying overhead.

Centex's organization pays off: look at how little the waste pile is.

Here's a better look at the wild flower fields, which are actually empty lots.
I wish we could have had one of those lots backing the huge, thick stand of trees; but they have all been built on for a while.

Our pretty, clean car.

We have a buyer lined up for the 4runner; and the transaction should be happening Monday. We'll see though. In cases like that I try not to get my hopes up until it actually happens.

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Brock & Kim said...

Looks like it's coming along! New houses are so much Fun.

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