Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Roofing and Plumbing

They have again had a very busy 3 day work period. I am amazed.
Our house is roofed, windows and exterior doors are in, and the bulk of the rough plumb is complete.

We made our goal of getting the house dried in without going through any major rain storms. Hooray!

Yeah, I took many, many photos of all of the plumbing. But I will not subject you to even a fraction of them.
So, as in most residential construction today, they have installed pex water lines instead of copper. Pex is an amazing material. It allows you to label hot and cold lines (red and blue) and it's done great things for construction schedules. You can probably imagine that cutting out hours of saudering and welding would do that. Plus, if they find a leak, you would be pretty shocked at how easy it is to fix the line.

They've got most of the sub plumb done too.
The construction schedule is in a slightly different order than the ones I dealt with in Utah and in Arizona. So, it's interesting for me to see the changes and compare how they work with how I am familiar with, and decide which works better. Overall I'm leaning toward the schedule used on our house here.

We have a front door!

The tubs and showers are all installed.
They have these coverings for all of them that will protect the tub/shower floor throughout the damaging part of the construction.

Our master tub...the covering for this is off to the side...I'm guessing they will set it on top soon.

Master shower.

Man these pex lines and their accessories are cool.



Alan said...

Can I just say I'm loving the daily updates on the house. It's pretty cool to see it go up!

Carmen said...

I'm glad someone likes them! Sometimes I think that I'm boring people with just talking about the house...but it seems to be the biggest thing going on with us right now.

Sharee said...

Looking good! I can't wait to see the finished product. I wish I would have known what to look for when they were building our house. We just had to trust that they knew what they were doing.

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