Saturday, August 30, 2008

Starting the HVAC

So, the plumbing passed it's pressure test and they have a good start on installing the HVAC system. (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system)

This was pretty interesting, it looks like they are using all of the walls of the pantry and coat closet for an air return.

Yes! we have a fireplace!

This is looking through the laundry room into the master bathroom.

Here is that cover that I was saying was made for our tub. The underside of the plywood is covered in this foam padding so that it doesn't scratch the tub, yet it is strong enough that when the drywallers decide to climb all over it (which they always do, whether the tub/shower has protection or not) it will prevent damage. Smart.

Well, we are off to the Michigan/U of U football game at the Big House. I will update when we get back. Fun times.

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Shauna said...

Our family gets to have so much fun all over today..The Big House and The Swamp. I am sure it will be a fun adventure at The Big House!
Your house looks great!

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