Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I love the library

If you think about it, the libraries hold a wealth of knowledge.
You can find them in practically every city in the United States, and they represent a pool of information that runs the full gammet of topics. For example, I have read several books in the past little while on flowers because I want to be able to name the ones I see here and to be able to choose well next year when I'm planting. I also have read a book on rocks and fossils. We have the first part of a lecture series on the history of science. We have read a book on budgeting and finance. I have a book on designing and building decks. We have been checking out National Geographic DVDs on many topics and watching them on the computer (since we still don't have a TV).
I love living at this time.
Just think, even just two generations back, in the period our grandparent grew up in, none of this was available. For thousands of years knowledge has been a prized item available only to the elite. It kind of blows the mind a little bit.
It makes me want to utilize it better, take advantage of the opportunities that are given me. Learn more and keep on learning.
That is all. Thanks for reading my ramble.


Sharee said...

I L-O-V-E the library - but I have never thought about using it for things like flowers - I want to learn about what flowers to plant in my garden - do you recommend the book you read? I have been using the library to rent old videos (still in black and white) along with new videos and to read like crazy. I have been reading so many books! And you can order the books online and have them ready for you when you go to pick them up! I love it and I am TOTALLY addicted.

Nykelle said...

Carmen sweet chicka of mine! Oh how I miss your cute laugh and pretty smile! this is your old roomie Nykelle! How fun to find your site! It looks like you two are doing GREAT!!!!!!! Can't wait to see more of you two! Is that house you are building for you two? What a fun project! I love you! Our blog is www.carsonandnykelle.blogspot.com. I will add you to mine and check in with you!

Carmen said...

Nykelle! I'm so glad you found me, because I have seriously searched for you in places like Facebook and you have been MIA.

Carmen said...

Oh, and Sharee...I totally use (well Curt does it for me usually) the online reservation feature. I did like the flower book I read...I'll have to get the info to you.

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