Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Up and up we go...

We continue to be happy with the progress that is being made on our house.

Looking into the living room.

Looking out the living room windows.

Looking into the kitchen.

Lots and lots of glue is what I like to see, it means squeaks should be non-existent.

When you're looking from the second floor it sure feels like you are high up.

Looking out the master bedroom window.

Hey Mom, check out our closet :)

Out an extra bedroom window.

These are the next step.


Cathi said...

Wow! Carmen, it seems like your house is going up so fast!! You must be anxious for it to be done so you can move in. When is the finish date?
What is your grandpa's name from Delta? I wanted to ask my MIL if she knows of him. She's from Delta too. She's part of the Holman family.

Carmen said...

The finish date is in November some time. We are so excited!

My grandparents are Eugene (Gene) and June Losee.

The Little Hiatt Family said...

it will be so nice once it is done!!!

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