Wednesday, June 4, 2008

no projects going on here

So here are some mid demo-ing pictures of some of the projects my brother, Lane, is doing on my Dad's extra house out in Utah. Eventually I'll post some of the more-done and done phases of these, but for now the draw is something akin to a car can't look away because of the destruction.

This is the kitchen. There used to be upper and lower cabinets along this wall, but the walls are currently being redone and then new cabinets will go in. There also used to be a soffit along the ceiling, which has also been ripped out.

This is an upstairs bathroom. Lane has already tiled around the shower with the following 6" square tiles (not the decorative insert, the surrounding tile) and is currently working on putting 18" tiles of the same collection on the floor. Plus he's painting the walls a wonderful coordinating cream color. I will put up pictures when I can wheedle Lane into taking more for me.

It's a porcelain tile, which means it's very dense and impervious to water...a very good thing in a shower.

I think the plan here is to pour a big patio.

Finishing a basement bathroom. Dad had previously put up the drywall and the mud in this space, and now he's had Lane sand down and paint the walls and install the suspended ceiling grid.

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