Sunday, May 4, 2008

Nassau and Key West buildings

*Update* At some point I will be using this post to participate in "Drive Bys Around the World" where pretty houses/landscaping/etc are featured on The Inspired Room. *

We're approaching our two year anniversary. For our honeymoon we went on a cruise through the Bahamas. Curt, knowing me as well as he does, was so smart and for one of the excursions scheduled for us to go through three historic houses on Key West (wouldn't you know it, I've forgotten the names of the houses, grrr). Yeah, I was in heaven.

This is actually a cool church we found on Nassau, just thought that I would throw it in.

House on Key West

A puppet theater thing.

Wow, this light fixture is neat.

I love leaves, so this fireplace surround was fun.

Old books. I love them.
We've started collecting decorative leather bound books for me so I can have a pretty bookcase collection.

Even in the very formal atmosphere of a nice old house they incorporated beachy/islandy decor.

Very fun outdoor space, I wouldn't mind one just like it.


katie kortman said...

hey! how are you guys? and where did you move to again? I forget. I like the pics from Key West. Can you believe that I STILL have never been there??? I have only lived in FL 16 years of my life...

Carmen said...

We're doing good. We moved to Ann Arbor, MI. Not quite the gorgeous weather of Florida, but at least now the ice is gone.

jann said...

Carmen, remind me about your love for old books next time you are back in Utah. My father had a ton of them that my siblings and I need to divide up. We'll sell some of them, but put our names on others that we want, and since I don't want many, we could see if there are any you would like and put my name on them to be considered during the "Great Divide" if you are interested.

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