Thursday, May 22, 2008

IKEA dishes

These are the dishes I got from IKEA last year. For $44 dollars I got 6 bowls, small plates, and large plates of both colors, so 36 dishes. Yeah, I love them. I can buy singles if I break any (cross your fingers, I haven't yet). I like how they look. You can set a table with all one color, or you can do every other place setting with alternating colors, or you can do beige bowls with gray plates, or vice versa. Yep, they're fun.


Sharee said...

Are there other colors? Because I love those and it is about time for me to buy new. I am still using the black set I bought before my Sophomore year at BYU - don't get me wrong, I still love them - but I HAVE broken a few and they no longer carry the singles so that I can replace them with the exact same one. Plus I decided I want some color. Anyway, nice long comment - sorry!

Carmen said...

They don't have other colors in this set, but they have similar sets in some cool colors. I didn't see them on their website, but when I was at IKEA like 2 weeks ago they had this brilliant turquoise set, and I know there are some solid black sets.

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