Friday, May 23, 2008

call me crazy

I am against my husband getting a motorcycle.
He had to agree to give up all motorcycle buying privileges before I would marry him.
I think that he is an excellent driver, but there are a lot of idiots out on the road.
Yeah, I'm one of those weirdos who wants her husband to come home to her at night.

Now dirtbikes are a different story. We'll someday get a few of those.
On dirtbikes generally you can avoid accidents by being an excellent driver.


Sharee said...

I COMPLETELY agree with this post. This is exactly how I feel.

Shauna said...

I was relieved when Ron sold his 3 motorcycles at the time of our marriage.

Cathi said...

I'm 100% totally with you. My kids were raised on dirt bikes (three wheelers) at Glamis, Pismo Beach and the four acres we lived on. A street bike was grounds for divorce. The grandbabies are now riding quads. (As a grandma I'm not thrilled)
After the divorce the first thing my x-husband did was buy a Harley. I'm Glad I still have life insurance on him!!

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