Wednesday, May 14, 2008

a little too late

So, I have been planning to frame my builder installed bathroom mirrors to give them and the room more definition (when I actually have a house, of course). I had never heard the idea before, it was just something I decided would look good.
Well, my eyes have been opened. There is actually a relatively new business that already does this for people. No, I'm not going to use them, I like to do things myself thank-you-very-much. But finding this out causes some introspection.

How many ideas do I have daily?
Hundreds. Sometimes I can't go to sleep because I'm making a room look good in my head and I can't stop.

Have I ever stopped to think that other people might like to know what these ideas are, that I could maybe even actually start businesses with some of them?

New goal: I, Carmen Loree Hostetler, am going to pay more attention.
I already have a fun idea. When our house is built I'm going to have a lot of projects to do. I'm going be really good and record all of these things and the process by taking many pictures, and then I am going to do a book with lots of my step-by-steps and tips. Oh, I'm already getting excited.

At any rate here is that company that is improving blah mirrors. And here are some of their before and after pics....makes a lot of difference, huh.

This company charges $100-$376, depending upon how big your mirror is.
I can do a version for $30-$70 because I have the right tools :)


Shauna said...

Yes, record your ideas and projects! Everyone says I should have done that over the years with all the Room Mom, Church Events, Parties, etc. that I plan and execute.
I framed a mirror like that and would love to do it in this house. It makes such a huge difference!

Sharee said...

I would SO pay you to do my house. Your house is going to look amazing. Let me know when you want to come to Texas and work on my house! I would also BUY your book. So get busy with it!

Carmen said...

Ahh, Sharee you don't give yourself enough credit. I love your furniture and the colors you have done so far in your house look really good. Maybe next year I can come help you play with your house though (this year is a little shot as far as vacations go)

Lori Ann said...

I would TOTALLY buy that book!

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