Thursday, May 15, 2008


As much as I like design, there are are only a few designers that I have found that consistently make rooms that I love. I'm not quite sure why that is, but when I look through design magazines or books I generally think most of them are OK (meaning they at least tie together a room better than the average person), but they don't necessarily make me go wow, I want that room in my house. And it's super underwhelming when you know that that room has had more money thrown at it than it cost to buy my parent's first house.
One designer that I do like enough that I thought it worth buying her book is Candice Olson. She has a show called Divine Design on HGTV. Now, I love watching HGTV, don't get me wrong; but a lot of the shows there show a room going in the right direction, but don't quite take it to the quality level I like to see (yes, I do realize that their budget is usually $0-$2000, so it's impressive what they do with that). Candice has a goofy sense of humor which honestly made me not want to watch the show at first, but her finished product won me over. Here are some of the before and afters of just a few of the rooms Candice has done.


Julie said...

I LOVE her stuff too! She's always s clever.

Sharee said...

Those are extremely fantastic rooms, just the style I like- I am definitely taking notes

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