Sunday, May 18, 2008

Good Sunday

Our calling right now is to teach the 9-10 year old boys in our ward. We have about four boys who attend regularly.
I am so impressed with all of them. They love the scriptures. They know them well and can quote verses. They are all actively involved in the lessons and they practically trip all over each other to volunteer for talks or scripture reading.
Besides that they are cute. Hardly a minute can go by that I am not cracking up with laughter. If this is representative of this generation I am very happy. I want to raise boys as good as them.

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Sharee said...

I really like this comment because it gives me great hope. That is NOT quite the experience I had teaching primary in California, but it goes a long with what my mom has been telling me recently. I am glad you love it, I bet it is because you are a WONDERFUL teacher and they probably have crushes on you... haha!!

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