Monday, May 12, 2008

2nd Anniversary

Two years ago today we were married in the LDS Salt Lake Temple.
Happy anniversary sweetheart!

The flowers were absolutely perfect all around Temple Square.

This is one of my absolute favorite pictures ever. The expression on Shaners face is just so Him.


Anonymous said...

I wish you a beutiful life toghether!Nice pictures.

Karalee Ann said...

Love the pictures!!! I didn't get to come to your reception so it's nice to see the pictures. Happy Anniversary!!

Cathi said...

I wish you all the best on your anniversary.
You're to young to remember the Flintstone's Anniversary song however, here's to you...

We sing this to everyone on their anniversary. Only once though!

Carmen said...

Thanks everyone.
And thanks for the song Cathi!

Sharee said...

Perfect pictures - they are just so beautiful! Just like you Carmen, to do everything perfectly... give us other people a break here.

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