Friday, January 16, 2015

Upstairs: Mid Construction/Flood Damage Edition

Where to start, where to start...
Well, the last upstairs tour was way back in June.
Since then we've started a remodel project turning the bonus room into a bedroom, bathroom, and hallway.
Also, while we were away for they baby blessing in December, a toilet supply line decided to spring a leak and so we came back to a flood.
Our house is a wreck.

Let's share that wreck publicly shall we?
I guess the worse it is now the more spectacular the after comparison will be?

I guess I will start with the bathroom the water was leaking in:

In June:

We've taken out the half wall and moved the toilet, making this a dual vanity area.

{so in the middle of construction}

I wasn't planning on replacing the tile in this room, but the tile bed got thoroughly soaked and the company our insurance called in to dry everything out ripped it out to dry the sub floor.
So I've installed wood looking tile, still need to grout. 

Back in the June tour I showed this vanity alcove in our guest bedroom:

We've since closed in the opening on the bedroom side...

...and that's where the toilet moved to (access to it is from an existing doorway in the bathroom)

 {vanity alcove turned toilet room, needing drywall repair}

As you could see from that bedroom picture, this (from June)...

...turned into this
{carpet removed due to flooding}

The hallway also had to have it's carpet removed...

Clever. To help make sure the walls were dry, they took baseboards off , put holes above the sill plates, and had high powered fans circulating the air for a few days.
Put new baseboards up and you cover all the damage.

The bonus room looked like this in June:

and now it's this hallway...

...this bathroom...

...and this small bedroom.

As for the rest of the upstairs, the party room hasn't changed...

...we switched Des and Evie's room. So what looked like this... looks like this...

...and what looked like this... looks like this...

 And lastly, in the master suite we've just added baby paraphernalia...

 ...and to emphasize that I have the ripped apart, I also have removed the wallpaper in our bathroom. So it went from this... this. Still need to fix and paint the walls.

So, the next post will cover the current downstairs tour (also flood damaged), and then hopefully we can start making some serious progress on putting stuff back together again.

I love a good project, but there's just a bit too much going on for my liking at the moment.
I'm so excited to see it when it's done though, it looks really awesome in my head :)

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