Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Our neighborhood had a fun thing where volunteers prepared and put out luminaries along all of the streets one evening and then many were out driving their golf carts or out in their yard waving.
It was pretty neat.
I had never heard of this before, must be a Georgia thing?

Christmas morning we had fun watching the kids unwrap a few gifts then eating cinnamon rolls. 

 After that the plan was to load up and head to Florida to see the Hostetler clan.
We had a minor delay when, while in the process of loading up, there was an accident resulting in a shattered back window on the Expedition.
So we were classy and drove down with a black garbage bag taped over the opening and got it fixed the next day.


Unusual for me, but I didn't pull out the big camera the whole time so there's a lack of good quality pictures. 
I regret missing the pajama family portrait in front of the Christmas tree and getting one of everyone in their fancy clothes after church.
Oh well, here's a sampling of the (phone) pictures that I did get:

{of course grandma's candy cane stash is immediately raided}

{blue tongue from yet another candy cane}

{lots of baby holding went on}

{Des came to me and exclaimed "Look mom, I wrote a Christmas song". It does kind of look like music, cute.}

{sorry Shauna, I didn't warn you I was taking a picture, but McKay looked so snuggly with grandma}

{hanging with uncle Andrew}

{great grandma patiently teaching card games}

{family gathering}

The kids had presents on Christmas morning, some Christmas evening in Florida, and then they even had another package waiting at home.

Granny Janny made some beautiful and comfy blankets.

We are so thankful for the season of giving and family and remembering Christ.

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