Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Utah trip

We stayed in Utah a week, and for a change of pace Curt was with us the entire week, not just the weekends.
This post will cover everything except for the baby blessing.

Our family has grown enough that we don't fit in anyone's car to be picked up, so we rented a van.
It was a good decision.

waiting at the rental car place in the salt lake airport, anything is a jungle gym

baby cousins meeting for the first time

mom with her newest grandbabies

a typical kid meal in mom's kitchen

mom had all the Christmas decorations up

my grandma crocheted this and then did all the bead detailing, a true work of art

We went to go see the 'tree of life' in Draper, and drove past the Draper temple on the way home.

Mom's view has been inhibited slightly by the homes being built around her, but it is still beautiful.
Especially for sunrise or sunset.

Curt, Desmond, Mom, Shane, Lane, and our friend Helaman went to a BYU game.

McKay started getting really smiley this week

Curt went running several days, and had beautiful views like this:

We went up into the mountains so that Des could play in some snow (there wasn't any in the valley at the time).

I sure do miss these mountains

We went to dinner (and had breakfast foods) with Dad and Jann.

We went to Cafe Rio on the way from the airport to mom's and in the airport before we left.

And then we came inches of water in our house and garage, but that is a story for another post.
We loved our Utah visit. So good to visit family. So many friends we didn't get to see, we'll try next time.

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