Saturday, January 17, 2015

Downstairs: Flood Damage Edition

I showed you our torn apart upstairs yesterday, today is the downstairs.
As with the upstairs, the last time we took a tour was June.

 We'll start at the front door. Back in June...

...and now
{oh that yellow needs to be painted over. But it's low on long list of priorities}


On the other side of the entry, dining room. June:


{one coat of paint away from being done on the walls. carpets got wet in the flood and we're replacing them with hardwoods}

Living room in June: 

and now:
 the kitchen in June:

and now:
 one step forward, two back.
I had patched the ceiling and installed another light fixture, now we need a BIG patch on the ceiling and to have part of the hardwoods replaced (they've buckled from being wet) and all the floor sanded down and refinished. The bad news, it's a lot of work. The good news, it's going to look so much better in a dark brown stain instead of the honey.
Thank goodness for home insurance, this would have been a doozy to swallow after already paying to replace the roof within the last year.

This is the getup they used to dry out the floors.

And then here's the extent of the damage to the drywall in the garage.

We should make some significant headway on the repairs in the next week or so.
Drywallers are this week and new carpet throughout the upstairs is on the horizon also.

Oh, and here's a room downstairs that I always forget to show.
It's our gym that is off of our garage:

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