Friday, December 19, 2014

A combined blessing in Utah

We've always had our kid's baby blessings where we live (see pictures of Evie's day here), but we ended up blessing McKay in Utah.
This happened for a couple of reasons:
-no family would have made it to Georgia for it
-McKay's little cousin, Nixon, who was born 20 days before him, was getting blessed also. 
We thought the day would be extra special if they were blessed together.
Especially because they both have the family name of Douglas as their middle name.
And it was.
Bonus points in sentimentality for happening in the same church that I was blessed in 30 years ago.
And that McKay was wearing the same little tux that my brothers were blessed in.

{McKay and Nixon; McKay is changed out of his blessing outfit into something more comfy}

A luncheon was held at Lane and Kinsey's right after.
It was a full house with my family and Kinsey's family and friends, but a happy full house.
Luckily we had absolutely beautiful weather for December so the backyard could be an outlet for little kid chaos and people overflow.

 {Nixon's nursery is so cute}

The boys had a little photo shoot afterwards.


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